5 tips for those starting at Hearthstone

Heroes of Warcraft Look who’s there! Get up close and sit by the fireplace


After many months of waiting the Blizzard finally released this Tuesday (14) a version of the game for mobile phones. That means that nowHearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft  is available for both iOS as Android devices, we have an invasion of new players eager tokicking some ass part of that community.

If you are one of those people who are just starting out, this post is for you.Separated five tips to help you become familiar with this universe. And if you already have enough experience and want to share a few taps of the crowd, feel free to leave tips in the comments.




It’s natural to feel lost so much in the beginning, every player goes through a period of adjustment and lives those fifteen minutes of despair not knowing where to go or what to do. Watch other people playing is a great way to get acquainted with the environment and better understand how the letters behave and learn possible combos.

One of the streamers most famous of Hearthstone is Trump, worth watching a match live as it plays calmly giving to see the moves as well.Another person from outside Brazil I recommend is to Hafu, she Manja Arena and very often spend hours in this mode. In addition to the streams of Twitch, there is a plethora of video tutorials on YouTube. I recommend checking the material Nepo , MardukTV and Phoenix Down , all in Portuguese.



Ok, you opened the nine heroes and now? Mount the first decks is no easy task especially if you do not have someone around that manje of the charts.So I recommend going on one of several websites specializing in lists of Hearthstone decks and choose a basic to begin with.

It pays to use these lists as a basis to help you better understand what is essential when mounting your deck. Who I always consult is the IcyVeins (click constructed play and choose the class of your choice), but also has the HearthHead, the HearthPWN. Choose a basic deck of a class that you sympathize, try to ride as suggested, play a few times and start to change the letters to something that has more to do with your little way of being.


A good formula to help you be more effective is to plan your moves in a way that at every turn you use all mana crystals available. Of course time will be more strategic pass and keep the cards for the next round, but overall it works well optimize all moves in a way that values ​​the use of mana.




The table is not uncontrolled or out of his mind, but it is essential not to let your opponent feel comfortable. Controlling the table is nothing more than prevent many opponents secular stay in the game. You can use spells or her own minions to stop the proliferation of others, but do not forget: the main objective ishit the faceinflict damage on the enemy hero. Control the table with this in mind.


By opening the collection is naturally begin to hyperventilate and want to complete the album as soon as possible. Whether you bought packages with coins of the game or real money, the trick is to invest all the dust to get on rare cards first.

It’s tempting to stay a long time gathering dust to get that legendary apelona (yes, I’m looking at you Dr. Kaboom), but in time to mount a deck that works makes more difference to have rare cards as Argus Defender and juggler knives than one or two legendary. It is a purchasing card strategy that will bring more benefits you. Once you have a considerable amount of rare bother to get epic and legendary.

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