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The first few minutes of The Order: 1886 are impressive. Unfortunately, the visual primacy displayed earlier this authorial title of Ready At Dawnis absent in other points of the work is in its history or in its gameplay.

The name of the production refers to a secret society and the narrative is set in a Victorian London. Despite the thematic and geographical choice being interesting, the game is full of cliches and fails to create a rewarding experience.

Before my first gaming session, I tried my best to ignore the opinions of others while desapegava me of any prejudice. ” People are overreacting, it can not be that bad “ is what crossed my mind to start the adventure.

However, as he faced the end credits up after seven hours of play, the only feeling next to me was the frustration. I honestly do not think the brevity of the campaign is the biggest flaw, see the emotional impact emplacado within four hours of  Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

And to think that some criticisms were somewhat exaggerated (my favorite is pinned this video). You know the expression “off the brain” awarded to films that distract you, but when you get to watch something does not seem right? This is the case here.

The main problem is that it seems that something is missing, such as the abandonment of a stage of development, making clear the unpreparedness of  Ready At Dawn has gone to end his title despite having postponed the game (please note that The Order was originally set to be released last year).Or maybe, contractual issues ultimately damaging producer.



With its origins rooted in the Arthurian legends, the Order is a secret society of men and women who earn honorary titles of the original Knights of the Round Table. You control Grayson, man who was honored with the nickname of Galahad, the purest of Arthur’s companions in medieval tales.

The plot begins in a prison, where the protagonist is tortured and held as a prisoner in a dungeon. With the presence of extremely unnecessary tutorials, this introduction ends with the soldier throwing overboard when the narrative goes back a few weeks to explain the events leading up to the rider to be caught.

The other squad members serve the codenames of  Percival (troop leader and mentor of Galahad), Igraine (love interest and main character of the pupil) and  Marquis de Lafayette (rookie in training and more general example of possible French).

The troop goes to the neighborhood Whitechapel in the first few chapters to account for rebel troops. So we began to explore the streets of the British capital, another fault appears. The few NPCs scenarios do not react to their presence, making your ride through the alleys in a kind of journey through purgatory. No one interacts with you, greet or acknowledge their presence.The most that could seen after bumps and was a look of contempt crossed.

Mechanical dated hide and seek in walls trying to hit opponents while dodging enemy gunfire is still present, proving that there is nothing new in the gameplay. My biggest surprise in this regard happened during a match against a werewolf.

Relevei the simplicity of the controls of this struggle because she worked until stumbling upon another confrontation that worked exactly the same way. Speaking of the Lycans, artificial intelligence (on normal difficulty) of these fantastic beings is very bad. These creatures are so kind that after overthrowing Galahad in a rush, they simply retreat and wait patiently until you lift. I never came across as educated werewolves.



The weapons used in combat, as well as all the Order of equipment have been designed by  Nikola Tesla,  who really was alive in 1886 and works as the “Q” of the organization. Even the pamphlet above (an advertisement for the iconic clash between Tesla and Edison) is one example of the items scattered across the landscape that can be obtained and inspected by the player.

Unfortunately, there is no Codex or a menu where you can view information collected throughout the adventure. This is a shame because there are newspapers, photographs, pamphlets, nautical daily among other contents that have just forgotten because they are not presented in an appropriate manner.

In addition to these collectibles, The Order also has audio logs, the only items that are able to be seen through a menu option. This universe in  The Order: 1886 is interesting and the art direction is one of its high points, especially in the construction of scenarios and design of the clothing and armor of the characters.

Returning to the father of alternating current, Tesla is the greatest example of an extremely rich historical figure who was truly underutilized. The presence of one of the greatest geniuses of his time should be better exploited in this production, scoring another backhand play. CharlesDarwin, Arthur Conan Doyle and  Jack the Ripper (the sordid events in Whitechapel play a major role in the plot) are among other historical figures who make a cameo lackluster.

In the conclusion of the story, the plot is interrupted exactly when the plot was heading for an interesting development. Several loose ends were left with no explanation and just do not go into the merits of listing them not to spoil the experience of those who have not played.

And here it is an observation about the location of the game. The Order is fully localized in Portuguese and unlike some titles (* COF * Battlefield: Hardline * COF *) Your voice acting was done by industry professionals, such as the voice actor  Orlando Drummond,  one of the most respected living nowadays voice actors .

Despite all the flaws (which are not few), I confess that I long for the next original work of Ready At Dawn and I expect it to be more patient at the time of production of his next title. And for those who were in doubt to buy this game, I would expect him to leave for free on PS Plus.



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