Über Tuesdays – The SSX League SaveGame

Event name: Über Tuesdays – The SSX league


Frequency: Every Tuesday at 7.00pm (and all week!)


Hosts: englishgolfer and Nick_Bester (both via SSX_Event)


The set-up: This community event is run over the whole week and starts every Tuesday at approximately 7pm. With SSX’s unique online set up you’ll be able to compete in your own time, at your own pace any time of the week! As there are 3 different types of events we can compete in (race, tricky and survival) we will use them all. Also on Tuesday night we’ll meet up for some 3-2-1 action (just expect me to fall off the mountain on a regular basis!)


What do I need to do? Firstly, sign up by posting in this thread. If you haven’t done so already, send englishgolfer and Nick_Bester a friend’s request stating SSX in the subject header. You’ll also need to send a friend request to SSX_Event. Then check back in this thread for more information and friendly banter. Finally, if you’ve got a mic hook it up to RiderRadio on Tuesday and joy in the fun. No mic? You can still listen in on RiderRadio!


The league: Each event will give you points depending on the position you finish in (please note: to be able to successfully calculate your points, the event will close 5 minutes before the actual closing time. This will give us enough time to check your positions before the EA servers wipe the times/scores clean).


Points will be awarded as such: Sadly someone has to come last, therefore they will be awarded 1 point, 2nd to last 2 points, 3rd to last 3 points, and so. The top placed rider will get the same amount of points equal to the number of riders in that event.


Other useful information: You’ll notice a league table here in this thread. We’ll be using it to keep you up to date on your scores. The league will be running on a monthly basis so all scores will be reset on the first Tuesday of each month.


Oh, don’t panic if you’re not the next superstar SSX snowboarder and can’t hit those high scores. Every first Tuesday of the month we’ll be running “closest to” events where it’s not the fastest or highest that gets the top points but the person closest to the target scores.


Good luck!

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